How long will it take for me to get my tickets?

Instantly! After completing your order you will be sent a letter of confirmation. Print that email out, put it on your fridge and bring it to the show. You’re in! It’s that easy. As a precaution, please check your spam filters if you are having trouble receiving this email.

Ticket Workshop will not let me have my tickets shipped to me? Why?

When purchasing tickets for an event, you are purchasing a “will call” item. The only proof of purchase you will receive is a confirmation email that you should save and bring to the event. All sales on TW guarantee admittance to the venue provided you have received your confirmation email.

What is “will call?”

You will receive a confirmation email once your payment has been processed and your name will be listed at the door as having paid for your tickets. While it’s reccommended you have the confirmation email on hand when coming to the club, it is not mandatory provided you have photo ID that matches the name on the box office’s list of pre-paid tickets. It is recommended that everyone you have purchased tickets for arrives with you when you’re checking in. Leaving additional names for unclaimed tickets creates extra delays admitting other paying customers and may be frowned upon by box office staff at the clubs.

Once you’ve arrived and been given a stamp or wristband, you’re free to leave the club until showtime provided the club allows this – some events (like All Ages shows at The Collective, for example) will not permit you to exit once you’ve gained entry.

What if an event is cancelled?

Provided the information you provide to Ticket Workshop is correct (we are vigilant with the privacy of our customer’s emails – please give us accurate contact info when purchasing tickets including a valid email address and phone number), we will contact you with any unfortunate news regarding any cancellations. It’s best that you confirm any engagement with the venue hosting the show.

For cancelled events will we gladly refund the price of the ticket, but convenience fees will not be reimbursed.

Do you accept PayPal?

Not at this time. If you do not have a credit card we strongly recommend supporting the local shops who act as outlets for these events. Ticket Workshop was designed as a means of making ticket purchases easier, but we’re happiest when we see people supporting the shops that sell concert tickets.

The website says this show is SOLD OUT. Is there any way I can still buy tickets?

Ticket Workshop is not the only outlet available to purchase tickets for any single event. Ticket outlets will have a limited number of tickets as cash-and-carry items. If the website says “sold out” and the shops tell you the same, odds are you’re out of luck. It might be a good idea to sign up for our newsletter now for announcements about upcoming events and pre-sale announcements. Did you really “forget” to buy that Weakerthans ticket, or were you just putting it off? Our hope is that providing this online solution will make it that much easier for you, the customer, to stop procrastinating!

The website says this show is OFF SALE. What the hell does that mean?

We stop taking orders for tickets at a time pre-determined by the promoter or venue, usually several hours before the doors open on the day of the event or, in some examples, the day before. Ticket Workshop will do its best to give the best information available to us on the day of any show: if we know for certain a show is completely sold out, we will post that information. If you’ve waited until the last minute, ie: the day of the concert/event, and there is nothing available from the website your best bet is to call the venue and see if there will be any tickets available at the door. The idea of advance tickets means exactly that – buy ’em in advance! Day of show pricing is always higher than the advertised advance price and you may be lining up a the door for a show you may not be admitted to. So, what are you waiting for? Buy now!

Can I cancel my order?

No. Unless an event is cancelled (not postponed) all sales are final.

I don’t own a credit card. Is there any other way of buying tickets? Do you have any outlets?

No. TW was set up as a companion to our friends who work at the cool shops in town that sell tickets for shows. Some of these shops charge a small fee, but we know of at least one that waives the fee if you do some shopping there prior to purchasing the ticket. It’s advised you bring cash to these stores as some outlets do not accept credit cards/debit cards.

All of us here at TW actively encourage music fans to support the stores that help sustain our music community! If you feel like going out on a Saturday afternoon, why not browse around for a new CD or LP when picking up that Hidden Cameras ticket? Make a day of it!

I don’t own a credit card, but my boyfriend/girlfriend/mom/suggardaddy does. Can someone else purchase tickets on my behalf?

At this time, yes. Please be sure to distinguish who the purchaser is and who will be attending the show in the appropriate fields when purchasing your ticket. Again, please print out your confirmation email and bring it to the event. The more information you bring to the show the easier time the door person will have admitting you. Box office staff have a very difficult job, and they usually bear the brunt of countless thoughtless comments from folks coming out to shows. People can be so cruel! If you have not brought your confirmation email, make sure you have ID proving you are who you say you are, expect a grimmaced expression and endure it. Their work is thankless. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
I am an independent promoter/club owner/event organizer/chimney sweep and would like to sell my tickets online. How can I get my show on sale at Ticket Workshop?

Contact us and someone would be happy to explain how we can assist you in getting tickets printed and available for sale online! Private functions of any sort can be put into our system – you can simply email your friends a link to buy tickets to an upcoming lecture, wedding social, dinner, etc. As a general rule of thumb, ‘featured’ events on this site will be concert-oriented, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help nearly anyone who wants to sell a ticket online!

Do you offer a ticket printing service?

No. But we know someone who will! He’s right across the hall from our office, and he’s amazing! Cohort Custom Tickets prints all of Ticket Workshop’s wares. They are based in Winnipeg and are hands down the fastest, cheapest custom ticketing company in Canada. The do a lovely three perforation ticket (with any logos you wish to use) on different colors of stock and can do tickets in full color if you like. Contact Kirby at or call him at (204) 979-8497 and tell him Ticket Workshop sent you. You won’t regret it!